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About Us!

Syren Waters was found by Shaine’ Jaysmine Hasina in June of 2014.  Shaine’ traveled cross-continent discovering new ways of movement and natural holistic healing through herbalism, neurology and other techniques. This is what she intends to teach and provide by creating Syren Waters.

Our main goals are to:

  1. Focus on women empowerment as well as increased mental and emotional health in men and children.

  2. Focus on activating the sacred union of both the feminine and masculine divinities through movement and all senses. 


"Healers.. Need... Healers"

Akaa Falls, Ghana

Dar Es Salaam, TZ



Syren Empress

Syren Empress aka Shaine' Jaysmine Hasina the founded Syren Waters Empire  in June of 2014 as a massage business Syren Waters quickly evolved along with the Empress herself with intentions set on natural self healing, the sacred union, free flowing movement and building naturopathic healing centers in tropical environments. Syren Waters began in Chicago with partnership at Beverly Pagoda.  The first center was built in Akaa Falls, Ghana, the second is being built currently in Kigamboni, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and the third is planned for Southern America.  Currently Syren Waters host classes, events, epic parties, retreats and private healing session.

PhD in neuroscience (no longer in western use), a software engineer, a blue belt in BJJ, Brown in capoeira, Red in muy Thai, Yogi Smai Tawi,  Dancer at heart, alien vibe, mother of 4...

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