Syren Waters was founded by Jaysmine in 2015. After receiving her Ph.D. in Neuro Science, Jaysmine pursued holistic alternatives to healing. She studied in villages in both Jamaica & Ghana to obtain a thorough knowledge of nature and all its curing properties. She incorporates ancient techniques in all aspects of life. Syren Waters was started to accelerate self-awareness, consciousness, and overall health through nature. Come join us on our journey!



We started our journey in 2015 when we decided to build an Art & Science School in Ghana.  My mother attempted crowdfunding but was initially unsuccessful so she decided to begin the project with her own funds and come back to show you guys what we have and are still doing!  While 5 months pregnant she traveled with my brother and I to Ghana for the very first time and stayed until August 2018.   There she worked and used all the funds to build a single room center (mud and cement house) to at least start off with.  Unfortunately, the rainy season tore half of that building down before we could roof it.

Now we are back in the US to obtain the funds faster and to try again with a stronger base.  We have already completed the foundation for what would be the library and computer center but we need help to complete that project and to add the 2 story building.

I have completed 2 years of Girls Who Code and will begin a Summer Program this year.  I want to teach what is being taught to me to our new friends in the village of Huhunya, Ghana but we need help building and supplying computers and books.

We really appreciate any effort you guys put forth for us and these children!
All we want to do is help those less fortunate than ourselves...