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Chakra Balancing

There are seven chakras associated with your body each of which can be represented by many names, colors, and symbols.  Chakra balancing is imperative for mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual health.  Each chakra heals a different part of you and can be accessed in one way or the other.  Disruption in any of these energies causes underlying issues with the corresponding glands/organs.  Here is a slight breakdown of each:

  • Crown - Pineal gland - Purple - Unity with mind, body and spirit.  Regulates biological cycles.

  • 3rd Eye - Pineal & Pituatary glands - Blue - Insight - Governs the next five glands

  • Throat - Thyroid -Green - Body Temperature, Metabolism - Communication, emotionalbalance.

  • Heart - Heart & Thymus - Golden - Regulates immune system - Compassion, forgiveness

  • Solar Plexus - Pancreas - Orange - Digestion - Personal Power, Innerwill, Determination

  • Sacral - Gonads, Adrenal glands - Red Orange - Intimate healing, Sexual healing 

  • Root - Reproductive Glands - Deep Red - Most Physical - Body awareness

During this healing service, herbs are used to help enter the meditation realm. Some of which are: Sandalwood, mugwort, dragonsblood, etc... these herbs are inhaled before the massage begins. During the session, hot stones are used, binomial sounds, and as well as all four elements in some form or the other.  

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