Sema Tawi

Sema Tawi is an Ancient African or Kemetic system of postures and movement that predates Indian Yoga by more than 2,000 years. It combines physical exercise, meditation, self-philosophy and healing through the stimulation and movement of essential life energy throughout the body. Each pose of the Sema Tawi system can carefully massage, stimulate and relax every part of every system of your body. Sema Tawi is a Kemetic phrase meaning, 'The Union of Two Lands.' It is symbolic of the Higher & Lower Consciousness coming together to balance and keep the mind, body and spirit as One. Smai Tawi is the oldest form of Yoga. It was started by the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) civilization over 5000 years ago. Join with the Supreme energies of Nature to achieve an ultimate state of consciousness by practicing Sema Tawi. Fewer exercises will generate more creative power for the emotions, the mind, the body and the spirit than Smai Tawi. Ankh means Life, Vitality and Health for You! 

Yoga Packages

Private yoga sessions are $225 per month which include 4 yoga sessions in the client's home. We are only serving Outcalls for January due to technical difficulties. Jaysmine is available for both yoga and massage by appointment only.