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Sema Tawi

Sema Tawi (Egyptian Yoga) literally translates to: The union of two lands.

Yoga is the practice of mental, physical and spiritual disciplines which lead to self-control and self-discovery by purifying the mind, body and spirit, so as to discover the deeper spiritual essence which lies within every human being and object in the universe. In essence, the goal of Sema Tawi is to unite one's individual consciousness with Universal or Cosmic consciousness. Sema Tawi is considered as universal streams of self-knowledge philosophy wwith influenced and inspiried the great religions and philosophers to this day. In this sense, religion, in its purest form, is also a Yoga system, as it seeks to reunite the soul with its true and original source, God.

Yoga Packages

Private yoga sessions are $225 per month which include 4 yoga sessions in the client's home. We are only serving Outcalls for January due to technical difficulties. Jaysmine is available for both yoga and massage by appointment only.

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