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I made that hill my bishhh 🤬😤

I danced up the hill in less than 2 minutes. When i reached the top, my memory took me back to that night in 2018.  

Curled up at the top off the hill, lying on a stone, shivering, staring into the night.. alone.

The sound of my children racing the dying battery of my phone. Rustling their way to the village... alone.

I was dying before we came here, I felt it so strong.  The pull of the goddess, to let go and come home.

I can't leave my children, they're much too young to continue this road we've been building.

I lied on that stone too weak to continue, every movement every muscle, a serious issue.

I closed my eyes thinking I'll sleep there for the night.  But Kofi appeared flashing his light.

"Madam!" he exclaimed no resistance felt, "Madam Jaz what is wrong, do you need help?"

I looked at him faintly and curled up again

I couldn't even speak to my helpful friend

He took me in his arms and somehow

He was able to continue the hill going down

He reached the bottom and sat me down

"Have you eaten?"

My response warranted his first frown

I need you to hold on to me

he begged

My body was so feeble

I thought this impossible


I held him my best

No thoughts crossed me

But the strength of this being

As he crossed rivers on logs

Add i barely held on

Climbed through farms and up hills

Until we reached mamas room

Where on her wooden bench

She forced fee me fufu

Zingy wails in the room

 as she's not allowed to

 come to me

and feed on my breast

Fufu tasted of metal

But i knew it was helpful

And from here my self healing began.

Fast forward to February 17

where you find me skipping and dancing

Up the hill that once tried to conquer me

A daily climb while we're here

The first time too become familiar

With every stone I'll jump on soon

Then every tree where I'll swing

 every bump I'll caress

and every living thing

unscathed by my bare feet.

Cage fights coming soon

My training for this

Will most definitely include

Me making that hill my bishhh!!!

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