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Walking in Asaafo's Shoes 🩴🩴

Today my thoughts are of Asaafo. A 56-year-old leading a village abandoned by the chief who wanted a ‘better’ life in the city. You see, Asaafo is the 2nd in command, however, he makes all the decisions and informs the chief of what he has done. He has such great respect for him purely out of obligation and duty to his tribe. Every time we return to the village, I take a walk with Asaafo. It is a meditative walk-through of many farms, rivers, in high grassy plains with beautiful skies. Both of us are walking, thinking, reflecting, and exchanging thoughts, ideas, and expressions. Retreating into our minds as we take each new step.

Each new breath.

More Thoughts.

More Life.

“Asaafo, have you brought them here for money” I had to ask.

A whole police force training camp?

I saw his chest tighten as a look of dismay emerged. “Everyone thinks that, but I’ve taken no money from them…” he pauses “you know something Jaz? Remember how it was so dirty and it was hard for me to get anyone to help clean up there?”

Oh, I remembered, it was us constantly cleaning it and I had even wanted to see if we could get more than the one trash bins and educate the village on the importance of keeping the earth clear of plastic and rubbish. “Oh yes I remember” I responded.

He continued “I only wanted the space to be well taken care of, I thought…” he stopped and sighed.

“They’ve killed everything” I scowled.

“They’ve killed everything!” he repeated in exclamation and despair. Sadness overpowered his thoughts, his head lowered and his eyes dropped “Jaz, this land is better for you,” he wants me to be free of the burden of the police. He also needs to complete his home too.

He values village life and loves others who do,

Understand and love the ways of the village too.

Ten plots (2.5) acres of fertile cool land

Where the river attached is part

even during the dry season,

is still filled to the top.

Each plot is less than $1000

Please let us know if you’d like land in Ghana.

He looks at me straight “I trust you, I know you will help me, so always I want to help you,”

He’s right, I can’t help it. This iss my family.

“Take this land. The road here will bring you here straight. You’ll always have water,” he pauses.

He wants to help me escape 😊

He knows I want freedom, unity, and peace.

He wants to free us from the burden of those obnoxious ‘police.’

I didn’t want to continue in this sad vibe, so I looked at his feet and chuckled.

This man has taken VERY great care of those sandals!

They seem so heavy to a barefoot Goddess like me,

To him, they are light

And for Asaafo, a perfect fit.

He walk with me as his equal, he gift me from his trees

He listens to my knowledge, applies and takes heed.

He’s more than my brother, and better than a friend

Still unbelieving that he’s become vegan!

“I don’t eat meat” we change up the tune

This villager forcing my smile bigger and bigger

“that lady, she puts meat in her soup… Me? I miss your food!”

I could tell he couldn’t wait to tell me of his decision to change in that way

My heart filled with joy as I remembered that day

When I spoke to him so stern… Now I look over him well

And from those ailments, he has already healed.

Repeatedly he says

I trust you. I know you

I know you will help me

I learn from you

I feel sadness for the last 4 years

I could’ve gone above and beyond

If I wasn’t putting my all

Into someone's useless son.

They come to me for healing constantly

But I no longer have everything I need

Please help me, help them

I WILL Rectify Things!


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