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Rebuilding is... Weird 🤔

Rebuilding is an odd thing.

You look to your left and still aee the reminiscent pf the the old apace you built. So many stories, so many adventures, ao much trial and error. So much knowledge and strength.

You find yourself in the same but a more elevated level... So similar to an older one.

Level up, they say... Only to find intense elevations of the previous stories. Yet still you find delight in knowing that you had indeed... leveled thee fawk up tho. 😌😌

This is YOUR land you're squatting on, not someone's car left open in a public parking lot. This is a structure you built, although no windows or doors yet 😕

Even though you are rebuilding, you know it's coming full force successful. 🗣️

Your distractions are finally gone.

Focus returned.

Knowledge upgraded and renewed.

Memory Refreshed.

Power on 200 😤.

The intensity you're coming with, when they name your hurricane... Bet it be


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