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The Death of Plant Medicine 💉💊

2021 - They came and cut everything around them*

Afternoon readers, today's blog is a sad one. Let's get to it 🥺

There's a clinic here full of "qualified practitioners" (Africa hands out doctorates like candy). As I have spent over a decade in med school and the continuous on going learning with the maturity of medicine, it's shocking to find out how little effort is put into educating health care practitioners in both East and West Africa. They're trained like soldiers... To obey. No critical thinking or proper understanding of human anatomy and physiology, just instructions to follow. They're all pharmacists, trained to inject and medicate. People trust them and their judgement making this clinic an issue. Part of the problem. Blind medicating the blind.

Even the surgeons, those who should be educated most, are stifled by low knowledge of the body's true abilities and high intellectual sciences... Even they are simply following the instructions.

Aside that, these "officers" have come here, killing everything. Chopping medicinal trees... even food (ackee). If you ask, they'll say they haven't 'chopped a thing' 😑. No matter the lies escaping them, the genocide of those ancient lives is soul felt. Early 2021, once seen, left a pregnant version of me in mourning.

They murdered so recklessly. You can feel that there was no concern for the trees. As they copied their way through the place they were mistakenly invited to.

Here we have left this "clinic" of drugs. The villagers don't trust them much. They visit me before and after for confirmation. They seek healing from me. However, I need a translator because I've forgotten my Twi 🥺.

Those "officers" hmph

Claimed and marked their territory thin, the inevitable death of plant medicine 😢

Send us some seeds

We're replanting these trees

In time true health

Will rise again!

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